About us

ECOINVEST ASSETS AD – experts in waste management.

(See the video) In the near future natural resources will not be so freely available. All of advanced nations/countries have reached this awareness.Now is the time to begin to reform the future! Recycling industry plays a major role in this process. Reduction of landfilled waste, recovery of useful materials and energy from organic waste is an important contribution to our conditions of life. Using innovative systems ECOINVEST ASSETS AD is prompted by the desire to do something in this direction. We are pioneers in the use of technologies that form the image of today’s waste management.

“ECOINVEST Assets” AD еwas established in 2007 with main activity: “the design, construction and operation of plant processing municipal solid waste, including the provision of services for processing of municipal solid waste management and waste activities.” The company has established a new plant for disposal of municipal solid waste with a capacity of 450 tons / day. The installation process waste generated by the municipality of Varna, in pursuance of decision of the Municipal Council of Varna № 314713.09.2007, and contracts between the company and the municipality of Varna 22.10.2007


Ecoinvest Assets JSC is the first private investor in Bulgaria, which has built MSW treatment plant with such capacity and in full conformity with the good waste treatment practices. Pre-treatment of MSW before landfilling is a European policy which was implemented into Bulgarian legislation through several ordinances and laws. The processes used in the plant conform to the EU Directive for landfilling 1999/31/ЕС and the directive for Waste Management 2008/98/ЕС, so the application of the chosen technology will be stable for the future. The MBT plant is operational since 2011. In 2014 the plant was upgraded as a plant for production of RDF (fuel from waste) which ultimately solved the problem with residue wastes going to landfill.


  • 2007 – Foundation of Ecoinvest Assets JSC and winning the public tender of Varna Municipality for construction of waste treatment facility.
  • 2008 – Obtaining of Environmental and building permit
  • 2009 – Project development and choice of equipment and a supplier.
  • 2010 – Construction of the MBT plant with capacity 164 000 t/year
  • 2011 – Commissioning and start of operation of the MBT plant
  • 2013 – Starting the second stage of the project – RDF production facility; choice of the supplier of the technology; EU funding granted.
  • 2014 – Obtaining of Building permit and construction of the RDF plant with capacity 82 000 t/year
  • 2015 – Commissioning of the RDF plant