RDF – The ready product RDF is used as an alternative fuel for the cement industry. It has a moisture content of about 20%, HCV 16-20 MJ and size of 30 mm.

Stabilized organic fraction from MSW

– this is the product of the in-vessel aerobic digestion. According to Bulgarian legislation it can be used as a coverage for contaminated sites (old landfills, queries etc.)


Recycling of raw materials and recovery of alternative energy from waste is the main contribution of our company for the preservation of natural raw materials. The mixed solid municipal wastes contain valuable materials, which we turn into reusable materials through the mechanical processes which we use into the treatment. Paper/cardboard – separated and baled paper and cardboard are raw materials with big potential. Plastics and metals – Light packaging is a serious challenge for the systems of mechanical sorting and material recovery. The modern machines and equipment integrated into our plant rise the recycling into a different level, allowing the effective separation of these materials.